Food for large breed puppy?
d_caitlin posted:
So I know there are a million and one discussions on what are the best foods for your puppy, if you should even feed puppy food, or if you even need a large breed food...

I wanted some personal answers from people.

I have an akita puppy, 16 weeks, not growing very quickly (which I've heard is just fine and probably better for his joints), he doesn't eat much, but is filled out just fine. He recently had a problem with "indiscriminate eating" and had to be on antibiotics... anyways, the vet said it's possible his food could be to blame and not something he randomly ate. He was on wilderness blue buffalo large breed puppy, main ingredient chicken. Right now he's on a RC perscription food for puppies with gastrointestinal upset, main ingredient is brewers rice, then chicken, but he's doing great on it. He's running out of it quick and I have to make a decision.

Should I keep him on BB large breed or try something else? The vet keeps pushing RC puppy food, but the ingredients don't look all that impressive for so much money. I want something as plain and simple as possible. Suggestions?

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