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Virus in heart and menigitis in 3 year old dauschund
Rupert415 posted:
Hello, My 3 year old otherwise healthy daushund started showing neurological signs one week ago. He had a slight jaw drop, a slight tilt of his head partial paralysis on one side of his face and nystagmus of his eyes. He received an MRI and a spinal tap. The MRI showed inflammation in his brain. We are still waiting for more information from the spinal tap for exactly what has caused the inflammation. They are leaning towards bacterial meningitis but they haven't ruled out auto immune meningitis. They put him on many medications including steroids to treat the menenigitis and anything that could have caused it. Two days after starting the medication his neurological signs had greatly improved. He seemed back to his old self, he regained control of his jaw, his head tilt had improved and the nystagmus was only visible sometimes. The animal Hospital urged for me to take him home. I did not feel comfortable bringing him home until i knew he was 100%. Two days later I received a call in the morning that his heart rate was very high (300) and that they were working to lower it. They did not give me any reason why this would have happened. He responded to the first medication and his heart rate was normal. They did a sonogram of his heart and concluded that he had a virus infecting his heart. That afternoon his heart rate went up again and the medicine wasn't working. They started him on another medication 12 hours ago. He has not shown any improvement on this medication. I am extremely confused more than anything because he does not seem to be in any discomfort at all. He is acting completely like himself. Happy, wanting treats, giving everyone tons of kisses. I am just so confused at this point and have no other options. Any thoughts or advice would be helpful. Has anyone experienced something similar?


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