Dry Flaky Skin
An_253498 posted:
I have two Shih Tzus who have allergies. I put them on Natural Balance Bison and Sweet Potato dry food two months ago. They have developed dry flaky skin. On the black dog, the flakes are white. On the beige and brindle one the flakes are brown. The black dog developed this a few weeks ago. I just notice it on the other one, today. They constantly scratch, so I really didn't think much about it until I combed the brindle one this evening and had a lap full of brown flakes. Both dogs were bathed and groomed today. Could the food be the problem?
SirRahikkala responded:
My guess it is the food. All they digest, ends up all around the body in some form. Check the labeling of the food products. I had to add fatty acids like we humans add olive oil etc. to our food. I found this info helpful from www.oilfordogs.com