Teeth fell out, toungue hangs down turning blue, multiple large oozing sores on body.
hangloose posted:
MY 8 yer old shih tzu was the victim of a puppy mill, She has lost all her teeth causing her tongue to hang out about 4 inches, it is now turning blue.Both of her eyes have developed cataracts and she can't see very well. She now barks constantly "at the air". She has multiple sores on her body she chews at constantly. I cannot afford a vet bill so i treat her with antibiotic ointments and sour apple spray to try and prevent licking. I'm not sure if she should be put down or not, She seems miserable and myself and neighbors can't sleep with all the barking. Any ideas?

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rohvannyn responded:
That can be such a hard question, and you have all my sympathy. In the end it comes down to the quality of life, I think. If she's totally miserable and you don't have any hope of making things better for her, you may need to make that hard decision. I know what I would want someone to do for me, if I were sick like that. Either way, I wish the best for you and your dog.