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Prozac and amatryptiline for cats
An_253575 posted:
My cat takes Prozac to help her with marking/anxiety. She used to take amatryptiline. The marking seems better on the Prozac (so far) but there are more of the other anxious behaviors (following me around crying, not sleeping or letting me sleep). Can she take both the Prozac and amatryptiline?
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
These drugs are not usually used together, but remember that medication alone doesn't work well for behavioral disorders in cats or people! These therapies are most effective when combined with behavior modification under the guidance of a certified behaviorist. If you're not working with one, ask your veterinarian for a referral, You can also locate one at this website: .

Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
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