My dog was screaming... why?
kaitdid1992 posted:
So last night I was sleeping and all of a sudden I hear my dog whining. Which she does when she is wanting on the bed. I waited for my man to pick her up like he always does, when I put my head back on my pillow I could hear her through my pillow so I knew she was under the bed not on the side of it. Next thing I know she starts scream crying which she has only ever done ONCE. We both woke up and Bryan is calling her and I turn the light on and she comes out of under the bed still screaming until I pick her up. I have no idea what happened or why she was screaming but it made me so upset. Why was she doing this? What could it be?
kaitdid1992 responded:
I forgot to state a few things. 1. My dog never whines like that when she is sleeping. 2. She is old and is starting to go blind, don't know if that changes anything but it could. 3. She she had an upset stomach last night.