Watery stool
Cloch4 posted:
Hello - I have a 7yr old mix breed (Chihuahua/Beagle) that has watery stool often. Her weight is @ 45lbs. Is it ok to give her a fiber pill similar to FiberCon to help firm it up?
Thank you.

Thank you.)
amandapanda5310 responded:
Although you could, sometimes giving dogs medicine made for humans can be risky and could make matters worse for your pet. I find that when my dogs have this problem [14 year old Chihuahua and 5 month old Brussels Griffon>, giving them home remedies can settle their stomach. I usually have them fast for 24 hours, to clear their system and then give them a strict water and rice diet for 1-3 days [depending on the severity>. If this happens to your dog often and doesn't stop after a while, I would suggest bringing them to their veterinarian because this could be a more serious problem for your dog.