Black skin on dog, she's ripping her skin off.
melissaxmonsterr posted:
I am in desperate need of help, my dog is from puerto rico and has had a black fungus on her skin ever since she was little. It comes back every year in the heat of summer, and then usually goes away once it starts to cool down.

This year it's not going away but getting worse. She has torn off most of the hair on her back, hind legs, and tail, and despite our best efforts to fix it, she is still having a problem.

I am now in a bad monetary situation and cannot afford the 70 dollar tube of fungal cream used to help 'treat' this condition even though it has really done nothing for her.

Does anybody have this problem and has cheaply and effectively helped their dogs? I do mean cheap, I feel so awful that I don't know what to do for her.