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My Dog is having issue's with his Anal Glands...
periwinkle52 posted:
I have had a-lot of dog, yet I've never had this problem!
I'm not even sure how I knew what it was, except the odor & his constant struggle's.
So, Thor is not quite 2yrs. old & I adopted him from a rescue about 5 month's ago. I live on a Coastal River in S.Carolina, so when I brought him home, his favorite thing to do was go into the River @ low tide! He gets covered in Pluff Mudd, up to his arm pits & chases anything that moves.
So now, when I think back @ first when he was having BumBum problems. I thought he was eating the Clams, Shell & all! Which very well may be as I had to start buying Hemroid wipes!
But now we haven't been in the River as the summer was too hot, yet he is still constantly trying to bite his bottom & there is an odor, which I thought was Clam Shell smell coming out the other end!
So, today we are going to the Vet, but I have read, that some dogs just have this problem.
So, my question is...Does anyone out there, have a dog that they must express their Anal Glands &

Why & How? I'm hoping my Vet will teach me how, so I don't have to run to him everytime we have this problem.
Thank y'all very much, periwinkle
rohvannyn responded:
Some dogs do get impacted anal glands from time to time and it's usually not serious. Definitely ask the vet how to do it, because no one is going to be able to safely teach you over the internet.
periwinkle52 replied to rohvannyn's response:
Boy oh Boy, you are right! I took him to the Dr. right after writing this & if I had tried to follow some of the articles, I've read, my poor dog would have really had issues!
Thank you for replying! And yes Thor's gland's were full, but not impacted or infected. So, I guess I got him there in the nic of time!
I just don't understand, how I've had so many dog's & never encountered this problem, Thank God!
I know one thing I have learned. You can not EVER follow ANYTHING you read on the internet!
Thank you again for your interest & concern, periwinkle
rohvannyn replied to periwinkle52's response:
Glad your dog is feeling better! You are right about being careful with things on the internet. It's all in knowing what can be learned from descriptions and what can't. Some information is really good, other information isn't.
periwinkle52 replied to rohvannyn's response:
Boy, You can say that again!!


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