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Panicking about leaving my cats alone
cindigal posted:
Helo everyone,

It will be that time again soon where I take my annual a trip up to see the family for Christmas. My mom and sister will be coming up from Florida. My other sister lives in California and she can not get away at that time so she visits other times to see her grandson. I got a call from her the other day and she is visiting her son and see grandson and will stay at his house and she wants to see me since it's over a year since we saw each other. It just means another train trip to where she is staying. She will pick me up from the train which ten minutes from his son's house.

I of course will have to ask my son if he can stop at my house every day to feed the cats, change the litter. I dont why I feel so guilty about asking him to pop over. Understand he only lives 5 miles away so he should not be feel bothered. I think my real problem is; I have guilty feeling leaving the cats which I have not taken a trip since last year when I went to Florida at Christmas. I spoil them that's a fact, I am too soft at night when they expect their treats and religiously I give them, probably too many's my fault. One of the cats will come to me and meow and meow till I gave him the treats. I want to ween him off those treats every night. I am quite sure my son won't give them the treats like me. Hopefully he will give cats at least some treats. I have been panicky at night just thinkin taking trip because the catsy start in the morning meowing before 6 am for me to wake up.. They have their bowls full with food and their water but they still want me to get up.

I get SSDI every month because I have speech aphasia. I don't really have contacts nor friends to talk to. I feel I am being a hermit and self conscious becauses about my speech. My daughter in law never, never calls me or takes me anywhere since I came here 4 years ago. I have to wait for my son to take me shopping every two weeks. Whenever I go to their house, she is working (shes a hair sylist) and I never see her. Well, sorry for the ventingf but I wish I can get peace of mind about taking a trip and leaving the cats.

rohvannyn responded:
I can understand your concern about your cats. They are family members too. They really will be fine with someone coming by to feed them, so you can feel free to enjoy your trip. Cats love routine and they will be a little upset, but they will be so happy to see you that it will be a truly joyous reunion.

They will be less upset if you are calm and loving. If they eat a little less while you are gone, that won't harm them, and they will probably sleep through a lot of your absence. When I am gone for a few days, my cats look for me but they also take care of themselves. When I come home they won't leave me alone for a few hours but a bunch of petting soon sets them right. I'm sure your son will be more than glad to look after the cats once a day, after all, he loves his mom and I'm sure he wants you to be able to take a trip.

Enjoy your trip. You need to get out. Have fun, and enjoy the extra attention your cats will give you when you get home. Everyone will be fine.


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