Breeding Dogs
dutchworld posted:
Hello. I'm doing a project on dogs. I was just wondering about breeding. I have heard of some pretty weird crosses like dachshund X Rottweiler. I was just wondering what is the rule of thumb for breeding sizes of dogs together. For example can you breed a 20 pound male dog to a 10 pound female? Can you breed a 3-4 pound dog to another the same size?

Any info would be great.
rohvannyn responded:
Pretty much any dog can breed to any other dog, though sometimes it's very dangerous for the mother. Usually the mother's size seems to effect the size of the future dog the most. I've seen chihuauha/pit bull crosses though I believe the mother was the pit, and heaven knows how the father dragged that stepladder over! Check online for more information, there are some really strange crosses. Also, it should be said that just because you can doesn't mean you should. But you knew that already.