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Weird dog walking quirk
miss_kate_savage posted:
So my 1-year-old (very energetic, healthy) lab/terrier mix used to love long walks. Then, one day, he stopped halfway through our walk and turned around and headed home. He has done this ever since. I take him to woodsy trails, and same thing--after about 10 minutes, he turns around and wants to go back the way we came. I tried treats to keep him going but no dice. Weird thing is, he still gets WAY excited when it's time to go for a walk--it just lasts about five or ten minutes at the most.

Any thoughts? I want him to get more exercise than this. He's got a yard he runs around in, but still...
rohvannyn responded:
Seems to me there is some reason why he doesn't want to continue the walk. It sounds like he does this in other ar Does he play as long as usual, or quit sooner? Does he walk differently after he decides to go home, limping or walking more slowly?

I would suspect some kind of discomfort after he's walked a certain distance. Maybe he's got a sore joint or something that starts feeling funny to him after he's walked a while. Maybe your vet can offer some advice?
miss_kate_savage replied to rohvannyn's response:
Thanks for your reply. He seems perfectly happy when he's turning around and walking home -- there's no evidence of discomfort. My thought was that there's an intersection ahead that maybe he's afraid of, but he does the same exact thing in the woods, where there is obviously no traffic. He just got a checkup at the vet, so his feet are fine. And he NEVER wants to stop playing -- his energy level is off the charts. Maybe he's just a weird dog...
rohvannyn replied to miss_kate_savage's response:
I just thought of this. Is walking boring for him after a while? Maybe he just wants to go off and do something else? This is an odd one.
miss_kate_savage replied to rohvannyn's response:
It is odd, isn't it? He doesn't seem bored...he's acts like a regular, energetic, happy puppy. Guess this is a mystery for the ages...


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