my 4 year old dog is attacking my 13 year old dog
kimmer99 posted:
my 4 year old out of no where is viciously attacking my 13 year old dog out of nowhere and for no reason...even out of his sleep sometimes ..its very scary to leave them alone .they play usually but sometimes out of nowhere he goes you have any idea why and what I can do to prevent this from happening.....
d_caitlin responded:
Do you notice any changes in your dog before this happens? Is his listless at all, staring off, or drooling, licking his lips?

I ask because I knew someone who had a very well-behaved dog otherwise, that even when exhausted would suddenly attack her other dog. Then he would stop suddenly and act like nothing happened. It turned out to be neurological and a kind of seizure.

Otherwise, I would consult a trainer...
rohvannyn responded:
Also, what breed of dog is your four year old? Some dogs have problems where they develop behavior problems as they grow older, which are due to the structure of the brain and not behavior or training. This has been known to happen in certain fighting breeds, and fighting breed mixes, that have been irrepsonsibly bred. Other than that, I would wonder if maybe the 13 year old has a health issue and this is some kind of a dominance struggle?