Goldieandoliviasmom posted:
We have a 6 year old golden retriever she is the friendliest and loving dog I know. She has bad allergies she was diagnosed with them at 6 months old we have taken her to a dermatologist in Pittsburgh to receive allergy injections. We did that for a year it did not help her at all. We started her on a restricted diet Iams kangaroo and oats. Nothing seemed to help so my vet suggested to put her on a long term dose of pred. She gets 10mg once a day. I was also a vet tech for 6 years so I know and have tried several shampoo and sprays I've done the works. So that's some background info for you. Now onto the real problem. She has now started having sleeping problems starting at night she will be in a deep sleep then all of a sudden wake up and seems afraid. She will hide under anything she can, she will push her head against our glass closet door and keep banging it to make noise. Then she starts barking and you can't stop her once she starts. I've gone in to calm her down and even try to sleep on the floor with her but she won't relax. We have a 8 month old baby and we can't have the dog barking all night and waking the baby up. My husband and I have been going on zero sleep and I feel so terrible for the dog. Our vet does not know what is wrong with her. Please any advise would help us out so greatly. Our dog is a family member to us and I need to help her. She does not act like this during the day she is playful an happy this starts as soon as the lights go out. Thank you!
mjt2006 responded:
By pred. I assume you mean Prednisone? I've been on steroids before for poison ivy. I will NEVER go on again as I had the most realistic/stressful dreams. Could it be possible for a dog to have the same reaction? Just an idea...... Good luck - goldens are the best!