suboxone for a cat???
An_246205 posted:
my boyfriend and i recently rescued a young female cat. this morning my boyfriend took her to get spayed. when he brought her back, the vet had given him a whole bunch of little liquid syringes (without a needle) of stuff that we are supposed to give her every 12 hours for 7 days. they were just indicated for pain and swelling associated with the procedure, apparently, and i know spaying is a bit more invasive than neutering (our other 2 cats are male), but it did seem kinda weird. i didn't look at the prescription itself until just now, and i saw that it is buprenorphine. i recognized the name and when i looked it up i realized it's suboxone. i work in a drug treatment center and that's the stuff that they give heroin/opiate addicts to help them come off heroin! not only that but i've seen people get addicted to it and then withdraw from that instead and it's horrible... and this is what i'm giving my cat?! obviously i'm going to call and ask my vet in the morning what is going on, but it's 11pm now. in the meantime though, am i missing something, or does this seem weird to anyone else??
rohvannyn responded:
That's the same thing they gave to my cat. As you know it's a liquid synthetic opioid. In low doses, and for only a duration of three to four days, it gave my cat a lot of comfort and all it did was make her a little sleepy.