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drooling and vomiting
nvn2013 posted:
hello sir. i have a lebra dog age abt 2 years....he was in good health till may 2013...then a street dog bite him..and he fell ill...after that, he continuously drools and vomits each day.lots of saliva in his vomiting.his respiration is not normal. he makes noise when respirates.i take him to the local vet but he cant diagnose the problem.blood report of the pet also normal. he is in big trouble..plz tell me what to do..i love him...i will be very thankful to you
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:

Have they taken xrays of his chest? With his respiration not being normal, I would look at his lungs, etc. with an xray. If normal, perhaps we are dealing with something in his airway. We can look at the throat and airway with special scopes, but the doggie needs to be under anesthesia. We are missing something here and if not related to the dog bite a few months back, perhaps there is some other subtle disease going on. These cases are always challenging. If your good family veterinarian is at lost, or perhaps doesn't have the ability to do xrays, ask them to refer you to an internal medicine specialist. Perhaps with their extra training and equipment, we can find what is wrong with your dog. Dr. Sandy