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puss filled mass
An_254468 posted:
Help! 2 nights ago I noticed a large ball size mass under my 5yr old yellow labs top nipple. Tonight it is really swollen and seemed to be filled with puss. She is spayed so she is not pregnant or nursing. I am on disability and I cannot afford to take her to the vet. Any ideas on what this could be? Thank-u
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Hi, Well, if you are expressing puss from the mass it is probably infected. I cannot rule-out that a larger part of the mass is not some type of tumor as tumors can become infected. If the mass is all filled with puss, perhaps it is just an abscess. You can try expressing as much of the puss as possible, clear the opening with soap and water, sometimes I use hydrogen peroxide, and a triple antibiotic solution can help on the outside. But a truly big abscess needs to be drained by a veteriarian and only they can really prescribe oral antibiotics to get at the infection from the inside out. Sometimes we even find foreign material within an abscess, like a stick. If it continues to get larger, you will likely need to seek medical care and inquire as to financing before your doggie gets sick from the abscess. Dr. Sandy