How long can a puppy fast?
marleyrott posted:
I have a 14 week old pup. He has been having some intestinal/digestive issues. Specifically he swallowed some of his bedding. He had diarrhea so the vet give him x-rays and they said his intestines looked very "angry". They gave him medicine to lube up the intestines and they also gave fluid under the skin to keep him hydrated last night. We had to take him today for another x-ray to make sure things were moving along. If they were not, he would have required surgery. The x-rays looked good today (thank goodness!) and they except it to pass throughout the day but suggested we do not feed him until tomorrow morning.

The vet put him on a fast Tuesday night about 6:30 and again they do not want us to feed him until tomorrow morning. This will be 60 hours of not eating. Is this normal to do?!
rohvannyn responded:
I believe dogs tolerate fasting a bit better than cats do. In the wild they live kind of a feast or famine lifestyle at times. If he's under a vet's care, and the vet is watching him, he should be fine. Also, if his intestines aren't doing well, food might not have done him much good. Hope your pup feels better soon!