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10 year old cat and aging concerns
nreyn3 posted:
I'm more worried than normal since I have had a cat pass at 8 with kidney filure, and another take off (he darted outside) at 5 years to never be seen again. Now I have a 10 year old female that is having litter box issues. She has always been very healthy, and has never been overweight! The other 6 cats in ourhousehold have just recently started to gang up on her and corner her. She has never been particularly fond of any cats (with the exception of my male that took off, they would cuddle and clean each other). The cats will chase her through the house til I end up picking her up for some cuddle time, and they majically leave her alone. I would hate to see how it is while I am at work . She just recently peed on our window box cushion (I would guess a 1/3 cup!) while I was trying to pick her up! She continued to pee while I lifted her!!!! Shes still active, eating and drinking like normal, and still sleeps with me every night! I'm just worried shes getting sick, and will probably be taking her to the vet soon. Could it just be the other kitties are stressing her to the point shes holding her urine instead of using the box??
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Sounds like your poor little kitty is not the popular one. And when stressed, cats will pee outside the box, but they may more spray on vertical surfaces than on flat surfaces. Peeing after you picked her up seems a bit unusual for a behavior problem although if she is holding her urine to avoid the litter box, that might happen. That is why a visit to the veterinarian to make sure she doesn't have a medical problem is important before considering that it is all stress. Sounds like she is feeling in general well. Dealing with relieving the stress of all those kitties can be done, and your veterinarian is also the place to start. There are veterinary behaviorists in certain communities as well. Dr. Sandy