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Vacine overdose question
jw6351224 posted:
We just had a Belgian Malinois show up at our door this past Sunday.
He appears to be about 1 year old, healthy and neutered. If we cant find the owners, we are planning to {adopt} this dog since he apparently has adopted us. Not having any knowledge of his vaccinations, will he be harmed being re-vaccinated for all the diseases and illnesses for a dog his age. We also need these records in order to kennel him when we leave town.

Thanks for any info.
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Hi there,
No, there really is not problem with overdosing vaccinations. Have someone check to make sure he is not microchipped; these large pure breed dogs do not usually run loose and as you likely are doing already, try to see if someone is missing this beautiful guy. Dr. Sandy