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4 yr old boxer will not eat
susanblatz48 posted:
My 4 yr old boxer has not eaten for 2 days. He eats taste of the wild and loves it. Yesterday he ate a very small amount and vomited it up. Since then he has turned his nose up at his food. He drinks plenty of water and is still very playful. He will beg for food from anyone eating but he will not eat his dog food. Should I be worried and take him to the er vet or ride it out and see how he is in the morning?
Will Draper, DVM responded:
Susan: If you have not done so already, I'd take your boxer in. There are many different possibilities for his inappetance: upset stomach, intestinal foreign body, bad/infected tooth are a few to consider. Whatever the case, it is something that your vet can/should determine before he goes much longer without eating. Good luck, and keep us posted please.
Dr. Will