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my dog is really sick
vizallygirl posted:
my mj we rescued about a year ago is ill. we got her from a young couple. she was kicked in the head so bad that her eye evens floats off to the right and her jaw was pretty messed up. she is so strong and over came all those things but lately she's turned for the worse. she couldn't keep any food down for a little over a week. she just started eating again but poor baby is skin n bones. I give her rice scrambled eggs and chicken broth, now it's the iams do good and buffalo puppy wet food. thank goodness she's keeping it down. we can't take her to the vet right now. what else can I do?
rohvannyn responded:
Without a vet's help, there isn't much else you can do other than keep her quiet, make sure she rests, and make sure she gets good high quality food and clean water. There isn't any herb or supplement that will help more than time and her own body's healing processes. I hope she does okay.
Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
You have done a marvelous job of offering a safe and loving environment for this pup. Not sure why you are unable to get this dog into your veterinarian. The general condition sounds very serious and needs immediate attention. If finances are the source of your hesitancy, contact your veterinarian to see if they can help with a payment plan or suggest an animal aid organization that may help.
Dr. Bernadine