Dog excessively licking and making hiccup like noises.
An_255353 posted:
Hello, this morning I woke up to my dog crying (like she does every morning when she has to go potty.) I took her outside and she went like she normally does and as we came inside I noticed she started making these hiccup like noises. They were one after another and then after about 10 minutes of those noises she also started excessively licking the floor and basically anything in sight. She went to her water bowl twice during these "episodes" and drank some water. The last time she ate was last night before bed. She doesn't seem to be lethargic at all. As it is about 45 minutes or so later and they seemed to have calmed down a bit as she is sleeping in her bed. I'm wondering if I should be concerned and take her to the vet promptly or not? Her vet doesn't open for 3 hours or so and if i should take her right away it will have to be to the emergency vet. Does anyone know what this is or have any suggestions?
lilmisspurdey responded:
What type of dog do you have and how old is she?

We have a 4 and a half month old doberman puppy and he's always making these little hiccup like noises in quick succession, he also has a licking obsession with EVERYTHING, floors, walls, feet etc.

He's been doing I since we got him and the vet says he's fit and healthy (and that he's going to be huge when he's full grown)

I've just taken them as little affectionate noises (like when tigers wuff at each other) and figure he licks everything because he's a puppy.

I've googled it so many times and no one else seems to have experienced it.

Hope this helps!