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My dogs keep on vomitting, help!
timanya posted:
My 2 dogs travelled from Australia to Indonesia last week. First day they got here, they were fine. Then on the second day, Anya my toy fox terrier (almost 1.5 years old now) vomitted bile (yellowish foam) few times. She also didn't want to eat anything. Upon researching online, I saw that she might be throwing up biles due to not eating so the day after, I feed her meat and rice,instead of her usual kibbles. She ate a lot and looked happy and energetic again. Then, I fed her yoghurt as I heard that it's good for problematic stomach. Bad move as it caused her to produce liquid stool (and orange in colour) 3 times in an hour. I then immediately took her to the vet and she tested her for parasite (as I mentioned I found 1 tick on her paw few days prior but she's on Advocate and I sprayed her with flea/tick spray regularly after I found out). Test came back negative so it doesn't look like the tick that caused the issue. The vet gave me medicine to calm the vomitting and loose stool, as well as vitamin, and told me it might just be stress from change of environtment. A day after and she's completely fine. Then just now, few hours after I gave her the meds and after a short walk, she vomitted again (this time also orange). It smells so vile I want to throw up myself. My other dog who has been always fine these past few days, after smelling this, immediately vomitted bile as well. He sounded like he has something stuck in his throat just this pas few hours becuase he keeps on making throat noise (possibly orange seed as I found 1 on floor and I don't know who ate that), and possibly the strong smell and the walk he just had trigerred this.
However I am very concerned that this is not the case, I am very worried that Anya has something infectious (eg Parvo) and my other dog has this too now. They are both very up to date with their vaccine, in fact Anya has just got her recent vaccine 2 weeks ago, and there is no blood in the stool so vet has so far ruled out Parvo.
What should I do?? My vet doesn't seemed too concerned but now my 2 dogs are sick, should I be worried? Can stress (and that only) caused this issue?
Thanks so much in advance for any advice.
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
Traveling can be hard on owners and their pets.
If your dogs are vaccinated, parvo would be highly unlikely. It could be a change in environment and food, so a bland diet (there are some canned ones, I sometimes do cooked rice and cottage cheese) with the antivomiting meds your veterinarian has tried. If the vomiting continues, perhaps we should do some blood work to make sure she doesn't have any abnormalities that would explain the vomiting, addison's,pancreatitis, and we can take x rays. I would be careful and not have either dog eat anything abnormal. I can't determine if you think both dogs are sick from GI Disease. If they both have the same problem, then I would wonder infectious, but this seems too quick, or did they both eat something that caused a GI upset? Sometimes we just have to treat supportively. So, take home point, stress alone shouldn't continue to show up as sick doggies. Sounds like your veterinarian is trying to get them feeling better but it they remain sick, some additional tests are needed. Dr. Sandy


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