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    Includes Expert Content
    Question about my puppy and vomiting
    jenzuniga posted:
    About a month ago my sister pulled up behind someone dropping a 6 month old puppy off on the side of the road. They took off and she stopped and picked him up. I agreed to take him in. He is some sort of mix but he is small, about 3.5 lbs. Three weeks ago I took him in and got his shots and the next day he started vomiting. He vomited for a couple of hours before I took him into the vet (this was a Saturday night). We did a battery of tests, stomach x-ray, fluid injection, etc. only to find nothing wrong. Brought him home with antibiotics, anti-nausea medicine and put him on a chicken and rice diet. We were good for a week and a half or so and then I gave him some dog food and he vomited again. Changed his food to a different kind and he was ok. Now fast forward to two days ago. He started vomiting again, yellow liquid that looked like bile this time. All day he continued so I took him to vet again, ran tests, fluids, the whole thing again with no conclusion. Brought him home with all of the same things. Yesterday morning as soon as he woke up he vomited chicken and rice all over my bed 3 times then he was fine the rest of the day. This morning same thing, I heard him wake up, and instantly I heard him getting ready to vomit in bed. Does anyone know what this could be? I am so in love with this baby I will deal with it if it's something that is untreatable. I just keep wondering if someone is missing something. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the very long question.
    Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM responded:
    Thank you for writing in,

    It appears like your veterinarian and you are trying to find out what is wrong, but it is something less easy to determine. Is his liver functioning okay? Some dogs are born without normal liver function. No chance for an endocrine disease like Addison's? Possible foreign object in his stomach that is very subtle? It seems like the problem is more complex. You might consider having your veterinarian talk to a small animal internist, perhaps one working for the laboratory they use for blood work, or one working in town to see what other testing might be done. We are missing something, but that happens when the problems are subtle. Keep working with your veterinarian. Dr. Sandy
    ktdogfam responded:
    Our large breed dog has gone through this for years. The intervals between these episodes can be several weeks to a few months. Her intestines growl and gurgle. She eats grass, throws up, then finds herself a spot (sometimes comfortable, (i.e., on her blanket), sometimes not (i.e., on the gravel in the back yard) and rests. She won't eat for up to 2 days sometimes. This is accompanied by loose or runny stool. Sometimes the stool appears bloody, other times not. We have switched dog food multiple times, and then I started cooking organic chicken an rice. I have added organic vegetable matter into her commercial food. We thought it was resolved about a year or so ago after finding a commercial food (nothing special), when the problem resolved for months. Her blood tests on regular check ups have not shown anything unusual. We have thought perhaps she has eaten bad food or dead animals when out walking; perhaps it is anxiety as it happens sometimes after we trim and bathe her (a process that can take a couple of hours). She is nine years old now.

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