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Grieving, I am having second thoughts about euthanizing my Siamese
folsomjm posted:
I am still in denial, and having thoughts that I should have tried harder....first vet said regenerative anemia, and he was on doxy, and pred. also forta flora, baby food, water syringed, etc. after 3 weeks his anemia was better, he was tested for felv in Jan by elisa snap test. neg.... February tests again, Ifa for felv, pos. He was still declining and I was in process of finding a new Vet. This past Saturday he couldn't stand up, after a dose of pred, he could walk somewhat, after a dose a appetite stimulant he would eat....but he would stare and move his head left to right, the slightest noise scared him, his housemates were avoiding him & my oldest would growl & hiss at him as he ran by, (My oldest used to sleep next to him when he wasn't ill.) He began moaning when picked up, and even after he had slept by me for about 4 hors he would awake and moan.... Monday I did take him to the new Vet with all of the blood work and letters from support groups, & a Vet at, The new Vet took blood and we were going to send it to Dr Hardy in New Jersey, his ears were fine & normal temp. no diarrhea,no vomiting, Then the Dr. said he felt fluid in his abdomen & drew out some tannish color fluid, they ran a protein level on it & it was 9.2 , so while under sedation we let him euthanize....I am sick, I am having guilt feelings, like I should have waited.... Dr was pretty convinced it was FIP & felv..I will never believe it...I will live with this constant feeling of (What if) I miss him so..... I was with him around the clock & did everything the Vets suggested for over 2mths , just to see him decline & then after holding him in my lap with him purring and put his head down in my arm, we sedated him for the tests, but after we saw the fluid & knew the protein level I let him go in peace while under sedation..... I was there the whole time, and cried like a baby....I am so upset and now im having doubts..... I have my other 4 in the house, they seem like they are wondering where he is...its a nitemare...... I pray for all of you who have gone thru this..It is dreadful....
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP responded:
It does sound like your cat had Feline Leukemia and may also have had FIP. Unfortunately, neither of these diseases are treatable. So once your cat reached this stage, it was a kindness to let him go. Please remember to have your other cats checked for Feline Leukemia (there isn't an accurate test for FIP.) We're so sorry for your loss, but you did everything possible to make him comfortable and prolonged his life.[br> [br>
Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP
The Cat Doctor
Board Certified in Feline Practice


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