dog broken toe (help)!!!
adal83 posted:
Hello, my 12 months old lab/boxer mix broke one of his toes a couple of days ago. It is a weigh bearing toe of one of his front legs. We went to the vet and he put a splint on him and said that it might take 3 weeks + to heal. He is MISERABLE and BORED at home. Before this happened, we used to go running, play dates with other dogs... off leash walks every day in a natural forest near by... you get the picture. Now, all he sees is the backyard, our cats and us. If you have any tips to make his life better, please share them with me. We take the splint off every night so that he can sleep better and that seems to help a lot.
rohvannyn responded:
Perhaps a food containing toy, like a Kong, or some nice chew toys to give him something to do? Something to keep his brain active at least. Or perhaps a more robust cast or splint so he can walk on it? Put all his food in puzzle toys so he has to think his way through mealtime?

Either way, I hope he has a speedy recovery.