Source for small animal med dosing devices?
alysoun posted:
I am looking to purchase a dosing spoon or long (5 inches or more) syringe that has dosages marked in 0.5 ml or smaller. Does anyone have suggestions for where I can obtain such an item?

My vet prescribed 0.5 ml per day of a liquid medication, Noxafil (posaconazole) for my cat. It cost me $1,000 for one bottle, and came with a dosing spoon that starts at 2.5 ml so is completely useless, and a syringe that works well for now but fits only halfway down the bottle. I called both my family vet and specialist vet, the pharmacy where I purchased the medication, and the manufacturer. So far, no luck.

I also tried Amazon and Drs. Foster and Smith - they said they'd get back to me but haven't yet.

Thanks for any leads!
rohvannyn responded:
Maybe either infant supplies or small animal supplies? Your pet store, and look in the rodent and bird section?

California Vet Supply (online) or other pet med websites might help you too.

Good luck to you!