3 and a half old puppy keeps getting milk getting up his nose
marialice20 posted:
My westie had a litter of 6 puppies, one of the puppies was very small. We had to start giving them milk from a bottle because the mother did not have enough milk at the beggining of week 2. When we started doing this we noticed the little one started getting milk up his nose. We tried reducing the size of the hole and feeding him with a syring to control the amount of milk and it keeps happening. We took him to the vet and he said nothing had been aspirated but put him on antibiotics just in case, he also checked for cleft palate and said he did not have one Since he´s almost 4 weeks old, today i tried to get him to lick the milk out of the plate and even then milk came out of his nose, specially when he tilted his head down to lick some more of the milk. I will take him to the vet tomorrow once more, but I am very concerned because the vet does not seem to know what the problem is, and just seems to have the time will tell attitude. What else besides the cleft palate should a vet check for ? We´re going to get the puppies weaned soon and I am afraid this will worsten the situation for the little one, as I am afraid he´ll start getting food up his nose.