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2 problems with my cats, can you help?
An_257041 posted:
My cats are one male to be 14 in July, on 3 meds for unspecified Intestinal problem, B12 shots, cortisone and when needed, crushed tablet to encourage eating. he is down to 7.4 lbs. male, tiger. 2nd cat, female longhair, to be 10 in the Fall, healthy.

Problem 1 - He especially is not covering his poops in the litter box and she does most of the time. i am disabled and very ill myself most of the time and this is becoming a real issue. his bowels are not as dark as they used to be and stink to high heaven. I used Tidy Cats litter, have a good sized box (they do share), i clean it at least 2x day - it does get more full overnight. they were both taught to cover as kittens and i don't know why they are refusing to do so now, it is very aggravating to do so now. I am spending an arm and a leg to keep my boy alive, switching foods to accommodate what he will eat, etc. and feel even my cats hate me.

Problem 2 - they both HATE being combed and i try to put them through it as little as possible but they need it and i get out enough hair to have globs the size of a large apple or orange when pressed down. last night my boy put up such a fuss in the bathroom, there as fur all over and i thought i'd get bitten, he was howling like i was killing him. he is known for being very vocal at the vet also. she is less vocal but tries her best to get away. I use the Furminator comb as that works best and gets the job done the quickest. i try to be as gentle as possible and only get the "old" fur out.

I am sick and they will spit up on my very light colored carpets and it requires carpet cleaning. i know cats require care, they are not getting any younger but neither am i and my health is declining. I'm trying to be a good cat mom, i love them to no end and to give them up would traumatize me and then. the boy would be put down due to his health issues and the girl would stand very little chance of adoption even though she is pretty at almost age 10. I cannot bear the thought of them living in a cage so i bear the burden but its getting to me.

Also to prevent the boy from hogging the girls wet food, I need to put her in the bedroom and close the door and provide a small litter box to prevent any accidents (we had a bad one). I am really doing my best.

Can you offer any suggestions or words of encouragement?
An_257041 responded:
It is too late, my boy will be put down today. i am very disappointed nobody has been here in 3 weeks to answer posts.


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