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Remember Your Beloved Pet
Guarding food
scook52 posted:
A year ago I adopted 2 Pekingese, a bonded pair, from the humane society who were found wandering together. They were estimated to be 5(male) and 8(female). I also had an 11 year old Pomeranian(male) at home.
All was well for the first 5 months or so, then suddenly the male peke began guarding the food bowl from the pom. He let him have water, but not food. We put the pom's food in another room after that. The peke found it and will eat the pom's food and guard the dish again, and has even gone in the other room to guard that dish. He lets the female peke eat.
Since we know very little about these two before they were adopted, we can't figure this out.
inpain74 responded:
He is trying to establish himself as the Alpha dog and is also a bit of a hog, as is my male cat. i'm not a dog owner, but i would shut the door, so the Pom can eat his food in peace, give him his own safe place to eat where the Peke. cannot get at it. Good luck, I know how frustrating pets habits can be to us humans yet we love them so much and try to give them the best forever homes.
scook52 replied to inpain74's response:
Thank you, that helps and makes sense.
An_257041 replied to scook52's response:
You're welcome and i'm glad it helped. i even need to keep a small litter box on hand in the bedroom for my girl cat for after she eats in case i forget to open the door right away, to avoid any accidents! But she seems to sense that Mommy is trying to protect her food supply and hopefully your Pom will also and won't mind being shut up for a short time as dogs usually eat their food very quickly. I don't need to do this for the dry food, they share that but its the wet food the brother will hog if i let him and its only fair his sister gets her share.


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