Dog's skin is turning black.. why!?
An_257124 posted:
My dog has a spotted color, but she is old now so i doubt her color is still changing. On her back there are black/brownish spots wear her skin used to be pinkish. It doesnt seem to bother her much, but she bites her legs to scratch them (although she always did this). My dog is 10 years old, we just changed her food (allergies?) because she was recently very sick and had to stay overnight at the vet, take three medications, and was throwing up and having very bad diahreah (sorry for the graphics). Maybe it was caused by a weakened immune system? Also, perhaps it is a skin bacterial infection she caught at the vet, although just the skin pigments are changing (there are no bumps, lumps etc). Is this normal?

Please Help!! Thanks!
marcyg responded:
My dog has similar things and i was told that when they scratch or bit or do just about anything to there skin it will change a darker color (that what I was told by my vet), and not to worry it either will go back or stay dark. My dog has allergies around her eyes she scratched the hair off, causing her to get black around the eyes (it looks like raccoon eyes), and the hair has grown back but the black stays. I hope this helps....Good luck.