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    Dog Food
    keepthefaith217 posted:
    My dog is beginning to get finicky with his dog food. I buy him Purina One Chicken and Rice. I do not mix anything in his food till the past week. He looks at it and walks away. I would not want to eat the same food everyday either. And that is what I figure with him he needs a change. Could I be correct about this? I am in need of some guidance here, because, I don't want to keep mixing stuff in his food so he will eat. The stuff I mix is a scrambled egg and he chows down. The last time I weighed about a month ago, he was 31.0. I am going to weigh him next week. When he liked the food, I would put 1 1/2 cups of dog food in bowl in morning. He would take a couple of morsels now and then during the day. And around 8pm at night he would eat all the rest. Now that he is finicky, I mix 1 cup dry food with a scrambled egg and the same in the evening. It seems like he has gained weight. About 3 weeks ago, my daughter and him were playing ball outside for about 30 minutes. When he came inside he looked wiped out. I never saw him like that. His breathing was off a little, he drank water, then laid down. He was okay, yet, he never acted that way before. That is why I believe he has gained a few pounds. He has a vet appt. coming up and I am planning on telling vet. I would rather give him fresh fruit or carrot for snack than dog treats that carry quite a few calories. I would appreciate any kind of feedback to help me...thank u, Diane
    rohvannyn responded:
    Two questions: has the bag been open a while? I know some dogs get so they dislike stale food. My cats are the same so I keep it in a sealed bucket. Also, did he start getting picky before, or after you started giving him egg? Some dogs never get bored with their food. You might want to try a different flavor of your Purina, or maybe even get two flavors so you can alternate. Even a little heated water poured on the food would help without adding calories, it makes it smell better.
    keepthefaith217 replied to rohvannyn's response:
    No. We keep the dog food in a sealed container to keep it fresh. I am thinking of giving him can food. Am going to check with Petsmart on what kind is best. I also believe the dry dog foods have a lot of grain, because he has put on some weight. I don't want anything happen to our dog we love him so very much. Thanks for help.
    rohvannyn replied to keepthefaith217's response:
    Many dog foods are full of grain, even the "premium" ones. Most of them have corn in them. The onces made with rice tend to be a little better, and you can get grain-free dog foods as well. Watch out for grain in the canned foods too, most of them have it. PetSmart may give you suggestions but definitely do your own research as well, you can read the labels and such. Generally speaking, just like with people food, the first ingredients on the label are what the food is mostly made of. So if it says "poultry and poultry byproducts" first, for example, you are better off than if it says "corn gluten."
    An_257041 replied to rohvannyn's response:
    have cats not dogs but i've found that once you go to wet food and it costs a lot more, you cannot get them to go back to dry food. they get too finicky. so i highly recommend you keep your dog on dry food, just switch flavors up a bit. if you can really afford wet food give it only maybe 2 days a week as a treat so he doesn't expect it everyday.
    rohvannyn replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Also, the vet visit is a good idea. He may be off his feed for another reason, such as illness. By the way, there are plenty of fruits you can give dogs as treats- cut up, cored apple pieces are an example. In the summer you can even freeze them!
    hartleystephens replied to rohvannyn's response:
    Selecting the best dog food is very important to your dog's health and well being. Raw food is, without a doubt, the best dog food.

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