Morkie constantly licking her front leg.... What to do next?
katie82m posted:
Hi- My Maltese/Yorkie cross has been licking the top of her front leg for the past year. I can't get her to stop. Our vet has seen her 2-3 times and I have asked him each time for advice. He can't determine if it's habit/behaviour or allergy/envrironmental. It happens year around, and I think it gets worse if walking on grass or the beach, but not sure. The vet gave me steroids for her, that didn't work. He then advised the DAP spray, that didn't work. I have been trying to keep it bandaged but she keeps pulling that down and getting into the "armpit". I tried tea tree, that doesn't deter her, same with listerine based on my groomers advice. I feed her Burns minis Chicken and Rice only, with some boils chicken on top, maybe some cheese, to get her started on the nuts. Can anyone help me to figure out what to do next?