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cryptorchid in dogs
Gypseangel posted:
I took my five and a half month old puppy to get neutered by the mobile and was told that they could not do the surgery till the testicles have dissented. I understand that they are not well equipped to perform extensive surgeries but when I talked to a full service vet about performing the surgery I was told the same thing. How should I approach the vet about the surgery if it deals with cryptorchid and how long should I wait and see if the testicles come in?
KittyKatJenn responded:
You just have to wait until they drop. I don't think you will find a vet that will do the surgery untill then.
ShivaChi responded:
Well, by 5 months old they should have dropped. You don't absolutely have to get a male dog fixed by 6 months. If you can make sure the dog can't get out and breed with another dog, it's okay to wait. My youngest dog wasn't neutered until he was 9 months old because I was trying to find a vet that would do it cheaper then my vet who wanted over $200 to do it. For your dog, I'd wait a couple more months and see if they drop, if not, you'll have to have it done the way he is as he'd be more prone to cancer because of them not dropping. As for not performing the surgery, the actuall vet clinic is stupid! If the dog's testicles haven't dropped they have NO choice! Vet's can and do neuter dogs with undescended testicles, it's just more involved as they actually have to find the testicles. They could be just under the skin or up in the abdomen. Where do you live? I'm not trying to be nosy, I'm just trying to figure out why a vet would tell you they won't do the surgery until you dog's testicles drop when they very well know(or should very well know) they could never drop. I'd look for another vet that will do the surgery if they don't drop. I'd be wary of a vet that told you they won't do something because of this or that. Especially in this case. But again, I'd wait a few more months to just see if they do drop and if not, you'll have to find a good vet that knows what is required if the testicles don't drop. There's no harm in waiting a few more months. My dog is perfectly healthy health wise. Good luck in finding a vet that will help you out.
ShivaChi responded:
Scratch my first sentence, they should have dropped way before 5 months, but the rest of what I said stands.
An_221371 replied to ShivaChi's response:
Is there a medical purcedure, to lower a testicle if one doesn't desend?
Sandy Willis, DVM, DACVIM replied to An_221371's response:
Hi there,

No, there is not a medical treatment to lower a testicle. Undescended testicles are unfortunately not uncommon and it does make the castration procedure more difficult because we need to do a slighthly more complicated surgery. That involves going into the abdomen, because that is were the testicle is, or perhaps in the inquinal ring on the way down to the scrotum, and removing the testicle. It is important to do as these testicles still secrete hormones, and can become cancerous over time. The testicle in the abdomen generally is to warm for sperm tho.

Veterinarians generally will not remove only the one descended testicle because they the doggie looks like it is castrated when it really isn't.

Hope this is helpful.

Dr. Sandy


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