Ice cubes
rileysmom7 posted:
A friend of mine posted something about not giving dogs ice cubes. Has anybody heard of this. When I mentioned it to my vet about my dog eating ice cubes the only thing he said was don't use it in place of water. He likes one after a walk and I put them in water bowl with some water before I go to work. The article said this is bad and can cause bloat. Ia this truw?
rohvannyn responded:
I haven't heard of it causing bloat, really. Just to be safe though you might want to try freezing a bigger block of ice so they don't eat the cubes.
westcoastann responded:
I'm not an expert, but I feed my Lab ice cubes and I freeze Beef Bone Broth in ice cube trays to give him when it is hot...He chews them..and loves them...