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Dog with lots of sores, rashes - not sure what else to do.
kirstylionheart posted:
I'm in need of help regarding my 5 year old male German Shepherd dog. For a while now, we have been noticing sores all over his feet, ankles, and very dry flaky skin on his back and at the base of his tail. His armpits are a blackish colour and he occasionally gets little red bumps on his back and around his shoulders. We have been buying Eden dog food for him, with at least 80% meat. He has 4 allergy tablets a day, regular brushing and baths - we tend to stick to lighter shampoos that are a little more sensitive and gentle on is skin. We tried Vet-zyme shampoo - an insecticide, recommended to us to treat mites and fleas. This proved ineffective.
We also apply anti-septic creams and gels to his sores on a daily basis. We've tried Aqueous cream too. We've tried evening primose oil in his food, Dorwst Veterinary Easy Green powder to his food, oil. He is regularly de-flead and wormed. It got to the point he would chew the base of his tail and his back and tail until he made himself bleed so we were forced to put a plastic cone on him. His skin and fur has definitely improved since we switched to the better food and regular grooming, however he still has the urge to chew/itch a LOT and we can't take the cone off without him doing so.
Also we noticed today, this big red rash on his back (please see the links posted below).

Nothing seems to be helping. We took him to the vet when it first started but they insisted it was an allergy to flea bites or an allergy to food. Nothing seems to be helping at all and we're at our wits end. Could anyone please help? ANYTHING would be appreciated right now as the poor boy doesn't deserve this for any longer
Thank you so much.
atti_editor responded:
Poor guy! Here is a slideshow of skin problems in dogs that you may find helpful. It could be allergic dermatitis as your vet suggested. I once had a dog who was allergic to just about everything -- grasses, pollen, beef, many of the dog foods I tried, carpet, dander, dust, etc. She would scratch and scratch until her hair was gone and she had hot spots everywhere (she too ended up in a cone). We ended up having to put socks on her feet to stop her licking and her vet prescribed a non-steroid cream to help with the itching -- on top of avoiding all irritants as best as possible.

It would probably be a good idea to seek the advice of a second vet if it looks like your current one is just dismissing your dog's case. Please let us know how he is doing!


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