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Does canned food turn red at night
cindigal posted:
It's probably nothing, but it could be a problem. I give my 2 cats Friskies canned food, different flavors in the pate, chunks or shreds. The other night i saw some red stuff in the bowls. Since both cats feed from the bowls, one in particular like his canned food. I gave them shreds that time. I saw red stuff within the food. Usually at morning if they didnt eat the food I dumped it out and give fresh. Today i gave them a different flavor. What is with the red color in the meat, could it be the canned. Hoping that is nothing wrong with cats. If they were sick, would they still eat, drink water, play and run with the other cat if he was sick..?? I really want to get better food for them but at my budget the higher priced food i couldnt buy. Any theories about the red in the bowl would be appreciated.

jmgarcia718 responded:
I noticed the same thing with friskies.Its like a deep red dye,Searching online I cant find anything.Usually only happens at night but lately Ive noticed it in the daytime.Did u come up with an answer as to why it happens?
rohvannyn responded:
So you are only seeing the red color at night? If that is the case, perhaps the color in the food looks different under house lights than it does under daylight?
kmathews2 responded:
Yes i just noticed this recently ... i opened cat food yesterday and i went to give it to cat and it is bright red/pink like the red/pink that you get on your teeth when you chew those pills to show plaque.. see picture here
rohvannyn replied to kmathews2's response:
So, does the exact same type of food look different when you open it at night versus during the day? Are you opening it under artificial light, natural light, or a mix?

Different kinds of light bulbs can make some colors look very different than each other. Try looking at something under fluorescent light, incandescent, and natural light, and you will see a big difference.
undefined replied to rohvannyn's response:
I'm having the exact same issue with cans of wet dog food, from two different brands, Iam's high-calorie and Newman's Own grain free.

It is decidedly not a lighting issue. It looks like someone poured bright-red food coloring on the food, and kind of looks like mold but isn't growing like mold. I have photos here, both in direct sunlight (N.O.) and regular incadescent (Iam's).

I suspect some sort of contamination from the house, but I have no idea what it might be. The Newman's Own people were very interested at first, but then they said it was likely just oxidation and stopped talking to me.

Thing is, I've never had this happen before and I've been using N.O. for more than a year now, as well as other wet dog foods.

I'm more concerned that there's something in the house itself rather than the food, since it's happened all of a sudden (just in the last week).


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