my cat ate string - the vet said...
syl731 posted:
I need advice, I'm so scared for my kitty. I first noticed my 2 year old cat, Casey, vomiting Friday night. We took him to the emergency vet this morning, because he still wasn't acting right- 600 bucks later I still don't know if he will live or die. We weren't aware that he had gotten into anything. The vet sedated Casey and attempted to "pull" out the string, but was unsuccessful. He cut the string which had wrapped around his tongue. He said we would know within 48 hours, Do you think my cat will pass the string? Should I have them try to surgically remove it? Money is an issue-- we already spent 600-- Should I take the cat back and have surgery or wait and see if it passes. It sounded to me like both options were only like a 50-50 chance, that is why we opted for the sedation and cutting, but if you think that surgery would have been a better option, we can take him back. I can't stand the thought of losing my Casey. Please doc, what would you advise, what are his chances of passing the string? I'm so scared he won't make it either way. Is there something that I can do to try help him to pass it?. Thank you so much for your advice and time in answering this question.
KittyKatJenn responded:
What kind of string was it? I ask because I have been where you are. My cat ate balloon ribbon though. That has sharp edges and it was slicing her up inside. You did a good thing by getting your kitty to the vet when you did. I would say that you should do what your vet says. Watch your kitty and see if his behavior changes. If he isn't drinking water I would get a dropper and try to get some water down him a few times a day. If he is throwing up and it looks like there is blood then get back to the vet right away. Because it was stuck and the vet cut it lose, it may pass on its own now. However, watch very carefully. Because of the type of ribbon my cat ate she had to have it surgically removed. It is not cheap, but we did it. Keep a close eye on him though. If he doesn't get better (drinking, eating, not throwing up etc.) within a few days then you should call the vet back and probably take him in.
Drew_Weigner_DVM_ABVP responded:
When string is swallowed and caught on something, it becomes taut and can cut through the intestines. If that hasn't happened yet, surgery is quite effective. Once the intestines are damaged, intestinal contents (including bacteria) contaminate the abdomen, causing peritonitis. This often has a poor outcome in cats. That's why your vet said there was a 50-50 chance. An xray or ultrasound of the abdomen can often tell if this has occurred. That said, I've also had a patient in your cat's situation where the owners elected to cut the string. While I and the owners were nervous wrecks, the cat recovered beautifully. Please keep us posted. Drew Weigner, DVM, ABVP The Cat Doctor Board Certified in Feline Medicine