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    Collie toxic reaction to Metronidazole (Flagyl) - Please help!
    An_221414 posted:
    We have an 11 year old smooth coated collie - 70 pounds - with historic stomach issues (diarrhea, some vomiting). 10 days ago we went to the vet since he had particularly bad diarrhea, and the vet prescribed metronidazole (500 mg. 2xday) as well as Flori-flora and Pepcid, and a bland diet. After 7 days on this, we noticed some neurological impairment, so we stopped all the medication. That was 4 days ago. Within 24 hours of stopping the medication, his impairment worsened. Initially he drooled incessantly and was mostly comatose; he could barely walk and did not drink or eat. He urinated on himself several times. In the past 48 hours, he improved, but barely. He does not drool as excessively and is more alert, but he still cannot walk well, walks into things and areas where he cannot find a way out. Today he ate for the first time - just a little. Our vet is completely unfamiliar with this, but online I've been able to read a lot about this toxic reaction. Here's my question: Material I have read indicates that it can take 2 weeks for this to be out of his system. Should we be seeing gradual improvement, or is it possible he can go 2 weeks like this and will awake much better? We have to decide whether letting him continue to suffer is fair to him. He clearly is unhappy, but if there is a light at the end of the tunnel for him, we are happy to care for him. If we should be seeing more improvement, though, or if his toxic reaction is so severe that we cannot expect improvement, it is painful to have him continue to suffer. Thanks for any advice you may have!
    Lilahdog responded:
    Did you ever get an answer? We have a smooth coat blue merle female, 70.9 pounds - size of a male, who was given this drug at the same dosage and I think this was the cause for her hives. She was 5 at the time. The vet wanted to do allergy tests, which I knew would come back positive for something. Everyone is allergic to something, even if it doesn't show. I looked for cause and possible alternatives on the internet and decided to change her diet to Go Natural, which at the time was salmon and oatmeal. It cleared over a number of weeks. The breeder mentioned that staying away from the vet was a good idea and not let them inject them with unnecessary vaccinations. When she was spayed, I told the vet no Propoflo (sp?). A previous vet gassed our previous old dog down for surgery. This vet can do the same. Making them more comfortable before the gas is not worth the risk of cardiac arrest. I think this is probably what happened to another breeder's dog. A perfectly healthy dog that was used for breeding underwent cardiac arrest during a routine spay. Ours now has spay inconstinance. I am trying natural remedies and will take her to a holistic vet. if necessary. This may be an alternative for you in the future for any dog problems. There is also a lot of info. on the internet about drug reactions and collies. I found it after our ordeal. Best of luck. Our old girl, adopted from the pound, had the same historic issues. Did your vet tell you the cause. That dog began falling over periodically and developed a tumor 6 months later. The old vet never told us anything about her condition and then rushed her into surgery for a mammary turmor which did not contain cancer. She passed 3 days later on the day of her recheck. Kids were crushed. She had to be over 10 when we adopted her, so something was going on.

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