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My dog licks everything!
runner4life12 posted:
My dog licks anything and everything constantly. He will sit and lick the carpet like crazy even thought there is nothing there. If you let him he will lick your hand raw because he licks over and over again. We deep cleaned the carpet not too long ago and he still licks the carpet. If he is not sleeping or playing he is licking. He also obsessivley licks his toys. Is there anything to stop his licking? Or does anyone know why he might do this? The vet said maybe vitamin defecincy but we have given him one everyday for four months and nothing has changed.
Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
Dear Runner,
I agree with your veterinarian that a deficiency might exist. I have seen similar cases when it was a trace mineral deficiency rather than a true lack of vitamins. You could try a trace mineral supplement. They can often be found at a natural food market. If that does not help, consider seeing a veterinary behaviorist. Your dog could have an excessive compulsive behavioral issue that requires medical intervention. Licking objects can turn into accidentally swallowing material that can cause intestinal problems.

Let us know what happens....
Dr. Bernadine
Lola88 responded:
My dog licks our carpet all the time too. I've tried cleaning and it and even replacing it and behavioral modification and he still does it excessively. He is on prescription dog food that is supposed to provide all the vitmains and minerals he needs. We don't give him any treats except pill pockets for his thryoid and liver condition. He is an older dog. You are not alone!
Had88 responded:
Wow I thought my Germanshepard mix was the only one that did an excesive licking. She is 14 and my husband and I think he is a personal salt lick. Now she will lick the carpeting and toys alot. You have to tell her o stop or push her away to get her to stop. The vet hasn't said anything on what to do. She does have colitas and I don't no if that has anythng to do with it. She is on a low protein diet. Help.
SunshineBird responded:
My dog is a licker of things, but not of people. He licks the carpet, the furniture, the tile floor, his bedding - you name it. I think he may tend toward OCD, but it's not such a problem that I'd medicate him for it. I think it simply feels good and relieves boredom, so he does it. No biggie.
tailerman responded:
My dog licks a lot to. Were do I find the Vets answer?
lbferguson responded:
Dear Runner,
Clearly, you are not alone. I too, have experienced this first hand. I had a 10 year old Poodle who licked since the day we got him at 9 weeks. He started licking the sofa arm, then the sofa cushion. He would lick blankets, carpets and human skin until it was raw...if you let him. I have a 10 year old Yorkie (who grew up with the Poodle) who also has been a 'licker' all of his life. I asked my vet and he had no conclusive answers. We often have to say, "No licking!" and it stops. I would love to hear some more explanations for this behavior other than vitamin deficiency if there is one. "One for all and all for one." Lickers unite!
beemergator responded:
my 8-yr old Boston Terrier started her licking about 3 years ago when my mother (her master) died. on command (3 or more times) she will stop. maybe up to one hour or sometimes several hours. then it starts again. thanks for your feedback. beemergator
helensoufl responded:
Our 2 yr old dog has been licking his paws, his side, underside, hands, etc. I've been told she has allergies. To undergo testing would cost lots of money. So it's a process of elimination starting with by-products in food, wheat, even flea and tick meds, shampoos. The list can go on and on. She also was licking so hard one time that the fur was coming off her side. Then she threw up. Vet said this is a sign that she ate something she shouldn't have. So it's a roll of the dice, so to speak. Can be anything. Good luck!!
runner4life12 responded:
Wow i just thought it was my dog! Im glad a lot of dogs lick a lot, even though its not necessarily a good thing. My dog is only 3 years old and he will stop on command but then he will walk to another spot and start licking again in about 5 mins. Thanks for all the responses!
ShadyLady44 replied to runner4life12's response:
Both my Pug and my Bugg Boston Terrier/Pug mix have licking issues. My Bugg developed it last year and had never done it before. My Pug was a licker from day one right after I bought her. I went on line looking for an answer for this an found a web site: They sell mostly for hunting dogs. I bought a product called itchy dog. It is designed for dogs with allergies. I personally talked to them about their products and as it is a natural product so I decided to try it. Within a weeks time of giving this to my dogs, the licking stopped. This may not work for every case but it did for me. Prior to moving to SC, my Bugg, had ongoing ear infestations, that was constantly being treated by my vet and it only was in the spring and summer months. Upon moving down here the ear infestations stopped. She did not at that time have the licking issues that she later developed. In my case, I relate it to the current environment. My Bugg, is over 5 years old and my Pug just turned 4.
Magick13 responded:
I have a 16yo toy poodle who licks the blankets, bedspread, chair, my arm, his toy bone...whatever is closest, when he is falling asleep. Vet says it's like a baby sucking his thumb to fall asleep.
stalance replied to helensoufl's response:
I used to have a cocker spaniel that did the exact same thing. We just changed up his food until he stopped doing it. Dick Van Patten's food is excelent, no corn (most dogs are allergic to corn). It also became a habit for him so we did have to tell him to stop licking but eventually he got better.
stalance replied to Lola88's response:
My dog has just recently had liver problems as well - can you tell me which medications your dog is taking for their liver? My vet has mine on milk thistle and SamE and just wondering if there's something else we should have him on before he gets worse or if this is the norm for liver medications.
Lola88 replied to stalance's response:
He takes Liver Revive and prescription dog food. Both have almost reversed the condition!


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