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yankeeflower posted:
I have a resuce rat terrier I just got on Monday. I took her outside, after she did what she should, I gave her a tiny piece of a treat. She then started sort of coughing. I put my fingers down her throat in hopes of disloging the treat. Still coughing. Gave her some milk to try and wash it down. As long as she is resting she is fine. When she get up she starts to cough - like she is trying to get something out. It is sort of a hacking sound. I do not know what to do.

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Bernadine Cruz, DVM responded:
Congratulations on adopting a rescue rat terrier. I can imagine she is ecstatic to have a new home and someone who is so concerned with her health. There are several possible reasons for her cough...yes, she may have something lodged in her throat but if she is eating normally and able to swallow water with ease, it seems less likely. You mentioned that you just got her on Monday. She may have been incubating a cough when you obtained her and just started showing signs of a respiratory condition. I would strongly recommend that you make an appointment to have her checked out your veterinarian. He/she will want to be sure that she is up to date on vaccines, that you have started appropriate external and internal parasite control (bring along a fresh stool sample). During the physical exam, the cause of the cough can be explored. It may be necessary to take some chest radiographs or she may only need some cough suppressants. See if you can get in on Saturday.

Best of luck with your new friend...
Dr. Bernadine Cruz
Nany3 replied to Bernadine Cruz, DVM's response:
I had a lab that started a terrible cough everyday. She had so many tests that found nothing wrong with her. I saw a 20/20 show and the show was about the oil plugins you use to make your house smell nice. They said people could get really sick with those because they are oil and can be very dangerous to the lungs. I unplugged the ones I had and within 24 hours the cough was gone. Went back to the vet to inform him and he had his assistant get on the phone to several owners, who dogs had developed the cough and the tests showed nothing. These plugins are very dangerous and should be taken off the market.
lbferguson replied to Nany3's response:
Nany3, when was the "20/20" show you saw that talked about these plug-ins? I have 2 dogs (non-coughers) and several Glade Plug-ins scattered in various rooms around the house. I only turn one on at a time for an hour or so - maybe instead of coughing, this might be causing the itching my two fur kids are experiencing. Can you elaborate anymore about what was said on 20/20? Thank you so much.


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