JoKay about my GSD that I posted some wks ago!
JoKay posted:
It has been amazing how many different breeds have come up with this gulping/swallowing thing. My vet feels my GSD has IBD & wanted me to put him on her dog food that would cost me $200 a month to feed my 90 lb shepherd. I can't do that. So I went to Olson's Grain & I'm trying Senstive Food dry made by Hills. The first 3 ingredients to this food are Brewers Rice, Chicken Meal, Whole Grain Sorghum which are very similar to what my vet wanted me to try in her food. I do wet the food just a little bit before feeding because it's easier to digest. And my vet wanted me to feed shoulder high so he doesn't take in air. Plus I have a dish that slows him down because he would eat his food too fast. There's a lot of reason why a dog can get these stomach upsets that I'm assuming as something to do with the gulping & wanting to eat so much grass to feel better. Yes, it costs a lot of $ to have the vet tests/med's. I'm up to over $3000 at the moment with this. And just pray this new food will be okay with my shepherd. So far he has been doing better with no gulping/swallowing for 3 wks. I do have some med's on hand just in case this happens again.
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