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Training my 2 yrd old DOG
MSettle78 posted:
I have 2 dogs a Lab/Collie mix and a pitbull. Training my Lab Collie was a piece of cake but i am having the hardest time house training my Pitbull Myleigh. She has been diagnosed with severe anxiety and everytime she has to"GO" she doesnt know how to hold it she just starts shaking and goes where ever she is. Its very strange though because she will go months without a accident and then all of a sudden its a everyday thing. Im trying to figure out how to figoure this out she is the best dog except for this habbit ! Im getting married and my fiance says if she doesnt stop hes getting rid of her. Like i said shes a sweetie just I wish i could figure out something to help her
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An_220613 responded:
Not sure how long you've owned this pet.
i could see taking an easy way out of many things.
except when it comes to a pet they don't get many chances
when it comes to adoption...I however would not be willing to give up a pet no matter the reason. for one whomever adopts them will half to correct that issue. plus if you give
the pet to an spca who knows if it will even get adopted or
put down since no one adopted it in a specific timeframe?
i couldn't live with myself knowing the second reason...
elsgrammy replied to An_220613's response:
If your dog is very high energy, try a treadmill. I have a German Shorthair Point (extreme engery dogs) and found he just loves getting on and walking. I join him and we both get a workout when it's to nasty to go outside. Go to dog treadmill training on the net and get how to do or ask your Vet.
danielacaride responded:

Two things do wonders in decreasing a dog's level of anxiety -- having a leader and exercising. If you fulfill these two necessities, your dog may start showing a more stable behavior in no time.

It's difficult to assess a situation in which I don't know you guys. But I'll try my best to summarize some good tips and will hope it's the case.

Becoming an alpha can be difficult depending on the dog (and the person). Start by not allowing your dog on furniture (including your bed), telling her to sit before everything (putting the leash on her, getting a treat, getting food, opening door, giving her toys, etc), not allowing her to walk in front of you when you go for a walk, reducing talking to a minimum, not soothing her when she's unstable (fearful, aggressive, having an anxiety attack, etc) & not feeling sorry for her (very important because this energy will make you weak in the eyes of your dog). She needs to feel proud of you. Imagine a police officer arriving in the middle of a chaotic situation. She's calm, assertive. That's how you should feel 24/7 beside your dog, even when she's having an episode.

By exercising I mean at least a vigorous one-hour walk every single day and a half-hour alternative activity, such as playing ball or walking on the treadmill. This daily walk should be fast enough to at least break a light sweat, and you should try to make it continuous. Don't stop to greet people or dogs. Concentrate on exercising as if you were a wolf who is migrating.

If you think any of this makes sense to you, and you would like to continue this conversation, I'd be happy to help. Send me an e-mail through this link:



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