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beckyhhope posted:
I have a 12 year old Maltese/Poodle mix that I think is even allergic to his own fur! We did the food change, the allergy tests, the allergy shots, the anithistimines and steroids. Absolutely nothing worked except the steriods. I did not like the side effects of the long term use of the steroid shots, so I only took him to get them when he got really bad. He would lick, and lick, and scratch, and lick some more. We could not even stand to sleep with him or sit next to him due to the constant moving. We finally tried the medicine, Atopica, and after a couple of months on it, he is fine! It is expensive, but, after a regular dose for a few months, it can be tapered off, and given once a week. But, it is so worth it! We have our sweet dog back!! And he is no longer miserable. He has been on it for 2 years now and I do not run out of it.
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