He chews on WHAT?
Michael66049 posted:
We too have a cat who likes to chew on things he shouldn't. We've managed to hide most wires, etc., but he absolutely loves the tube that runs between my CPAP machine and my nose. He has destroyed several by biting little holes in them. Our solution has been to encase the tubes in a larger-diameter, tougher plastic tube, about 3/4" OD, available at a hobby or hardware store. The same stuff should work for your electrical cords too, though you may have detach one end in order to get the wire through the tube and re-attach it afterwards. Friction tape or Mystic tape should work for this, as well as for securing one end of the tube to the wire so it stays in place. It's some trouble to go to, but a small price to pay to avert an electrocuted kitty.
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