please help my son!!!
Joelee84 posted:
Red spot all around whole body! I tried many places to cure this problem, and some of them said that caused by flea, some of them told that should be allergy... All these were not helped! Could anyone please help me to cure my sweets ASAP! Thank u very much!
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Joelee84 responded:
By the way, my son is Lab!
neartown_vet responded:
There could be dozens of ailments. Can you post a picture.
Yankiewoman responded:
If he is itching a lot and chewing with red raw spots,I have found this to be flea dermatitis. Get some good dog food like Natural Balance It has no wheat, Barley and grains. Also ask your vet for some Comfortis. Its kills fleas and their eggs. You may not think your boy has fleas, but they still can be allergic to the fleas dermatitis. If your dog has many fleas give him a dose of Cap Star followed the next day with the Comfortis.
I am in dog rescue, I am not a vet, but from my experience working with many dogs with these symptoms you described I have found this to work faithfully.
Good luck and I hope it works for you as well.