DO NOT USE VECTRA 3D on your dog!
An_251883 posted:

I used this product on my little 4 year old, 8 pound Maltase/Pomeranian. He seemed fine the day it was applied but the next day he was rolling around on the floor growling at himself and winning. He didn't get any sleep that night, we had called the vet after giving him a bath and they said to give Benadryl. This helped for a few hours and that night he was crying and running around. He was in a lot of pain. I gave him another bath and held him in my arms. This seemed to work for a few minutes and back to the same reactions. The following day we brought him to the vet and they washed him, put lotion on him and gave him more Benadryl. They also put him on a steroid. They called and said he should be better now.

Nope that night he was up all night again this was so frustrating. I cried knowing that there was nothing I could do for him. They had said he was feeling like he had pins and needles (like when your foot falls asleep and it starts to wake up) but his never went away! The next morning he was back to the Vets and they saw how bad he was. No sleep for us for 4 days was really putting a toll on the both of us.

The Vet gave him a nerve medicine and a sedative. Once we got home he slept for a few hours without the twitching. But that night even with the sedative he still did not sleep. At this point he still has the annoying twitch and he sleeps for a very short time.

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