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pcos and trying to get pg
kellyj_913 posted:
I am 30 we have been trying to get pg for about 4 months with no luck as of now. I don't have another doctors apt until June, she has told me to try for 3 months before she will put me on anything. Is there any herbal treatments that i could try before I call my doctor? Should i wait until June or contact my doctor now?
waitingfornumber3 responded:
I don't know of any herbal products. My Dr. has told me the same thing with my last 2 preg. to try for about 3 months and then call him. I would do the same since you have been trying for 4 mo. Your Dr. may have other suggestions on what to do. Just my suggestion.
Layla_Gizmo responded:
I am in the same boat although we have been trying for about 6 months. I went to my doctor on Monday and she told me since I am getting a period every month even though it's not at the same time that she wants me to wait three more months until she puts me on something. I really hate having to wait longer and I am seriously thinking about swithcing doctors. I am using OPKs but they don't always work that well because I never really know when I am ovulating.
tnglfgrl responded:
try origins womens health vitamins at target. and raspberry leaf tea sold in organic dept at krogers and screw up your bcp on purpose. i finally concieved my son after 9 years by doing this. i have severe pcos and do not have a af without provera or bcp for 13 years now. i also did fertility tx's for 4 yeasr with no luck these suppliments helped me maybe they will help you. oh yeah i only took my bcp for 10 days then quit for the rest of the month. i did it to have early period for a vactaion and wound up pregnant.
Jen__ responded:
Since your doctor is unwilling to help you right now, I would suggest you buy a fertility monitor. I have the ClearBlue Easy model and have been very happy with it. It only works if you are having periods, however. Do you have periods?
Jen__ responded:
I keep seeing OPK... but don't know what it refers to?
abbytomell responded:
I am new here and am way lost on all of the abbreviations but I know this one. OPK (and I am pretty certian on this) refers to an Ovulation Predictor Kit.
Zin5555 responded:
I have been diagnosed with PCOS a couple years ago. I have lost 100 lbs since then and now my husband and I are trying to conceive a baby. My Dr. put my on medformin 500 mg x2 a day. My cousin also also has PCOS and thats what her OB put her on. That is a common med that women with PCOS gets put on. Its a diabetic med but it helps regulate periods and helps with ovulating. If your Dr. isnt willing to help you out than I would ask for a new Dr. Getting pregnant is serious and some Dr'd piss around. i love my Dr. b/c she knows I am serious about getting pregnant. I hope this helps. Also start taking your Prenatal Vitamins and a multi Vitamin. Good luck hun!!
kameronsmommy08 responded:
you should try chaste tree berry herbal supplements.
gigi266 responded:
I too am 30 and been TTC for 1 year now. I am from Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean, there are two herbalist who offer treatment for PCOS. A lot of people have used it successfully. I am still hopeful and haven't tried it myself but it is something to explore. One herbalist offers combined use of a supplement called Feminex to balalnce off the hormones and a cleanser called Tisane de la Laja. The other herbalist offers a similar package. Essentially, they aim to rid the uterus and ovaries of impurities and then balance off the hormones. Hope this helps somewhat.
shante525 replied to Zin5555's response:
know im late but did the medformin work? im 27 and just found out i have pcos i have a 6 year old son but trying to conceive. my ob also gave me the metformins, if it worked how long did it take?
chrisandjen0717 replied to shante525's response:
Shante I'm not a member of this group but I have PCOS. I conceived my daughter in September 2007 and it was after 2 years of trying. I had finally gotten serious about taking my metformin like I was supposed to (had a hard time adjusting to it so I would take it on and off at first) and I feel it played a HUGE part in helping me get pregnant. After I buckled down and took it like my doctor prescribed it was within a couple months that I conceived. I don't think there's any way to really tell how quickly it will work (or IF it will work) but that was my experience. HTH!
Heathersmith26 replied to chrisandjen0717's response:
I'm completely lurking... but I know what you guys are going through and maybe i can give you a little hope? Long but it has a great ending... I promise!

I was diagnosed with PCOS four years ago. And was told that I would probably never be able to have another child. (I had a son already, PCOS developed after) I was devastated, and did everything I could and whatever the doctor told me to do. I took Metformin, for a year, followed my metformin and clomid for six months, to having the test to see if my tubes were blocked. I prayed and prayed for a child and I prayed some more that my prayers would be answered. In 2008 my husband fell at work on a friday and passed away on a Monday. And all I could feel was anger, I was angry that I could not give him the one thing that was my duty to give him. And he dies??? Needless to say 2008 was a very dark year for me because I was so bitter. I didn't see what was right in from of my eyes! I still had my beautiful baby boy and I knew that I needed to change. That I needed to be thankful for the things that God had given me already instead of being mad at what he had taken away.

So, I gave up the thought of having another child, And I concentrated on being there fully for my son. We were doing really great, I was content with who I was, a sinlge mother struggling to take care of a seven year old, we didn't have everything, but we had everything we needed!

In 2009 I met John, one of the most wonderful men I had came into contact with. After months of dating and moving into something more serious.... I get pregnant!!! I was overjoyed that I finally could conceive, but sad that my husband didn't get the news.

Well now I am 33 weeks along expecting a little lady and I cannot wait for her to get here. I just wanted to let you ladies know that the road maybe hard ahead of you, but if you stay with it... you will get your happy ending! My doctor told me to lose weight and to get more active, I did. But I think most of all persistance really does pay off.

I wish the best of luck to every one of you! And I will be here if any of you need me!

flutterbymama2be responded:
I know it has been a while since this thread was started, but I wanted to let anyone who might want to know, that Metformin DOES work. At least it did in my case. I am diabetic, have PCOS and was told I probably would not have children. Well, a few weeks ago, I had been feeling horrible, moody, nauseated, mildly crampy, etc, so I took a test. I about fell over when it was positive! This was a complete surprise, no trying involved, I was on metformin for my diabetes. I am almost ten weeks along, and so happy. So good luck to you all, I was in the same boat untill ten weeks ago.
savaree replied to flutterbymama2be's response:
hi i just read ur post and it gave me soo much hope. Im 31 married for one year and recently found out it had PCOS my doc didnt put me on any meds bcuz she felt the volumes were too low but i really want a child so im going to ask her about metformin . i have suffered too many negative pregnancy tests. Thank you

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