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Any luck on Met alone?
rubychasm posted:
I was diagnosed with slight PCOS in Sept. Started Metformin in October. I don't have the classic symptoms of PCOS, I think my doc put me on it cuz she didn't know what else to do and had no other explanation as t why I can't conceive. I've been trying for almost 4 years. Has anyone been able to conceive on Metformin alone? From everything I've read, it usually happens with a combo of Clomid. But I usually ovulate, so I don't think I'm a candidate for Clomid. Thanks.
prayingforamiracle2 responded:
Hey there

I conceived my DD on metformin alone. So it is possible! Good luck! *baby dust*
lisa_alberdy responded:
did 2 ultrasounds which said i had pcos, went to a dr and did abt 7-8 different blood tests( liver , diabetic, hormonal , thyroid etc etc) and everything came back negative i do have excessive hair growth but i think its more hereditary and went on the metformin for abt 6 mths and also the 3 dosage of clomid unfortunately when i took those i was not sexually active as my husband was away so im not sure if they work or not i already took the required dosage of clomid so i dont think i can take anymore, its real frustrating coz we want a baby so much and have been tryin for over 3 yrs

dont know what else to do
lilmama214 responded:
went and seen a fertility specialist and he put me on metformin alone, I lost a lot of weight he then put me on clomid not because I did not ovulate but because my eggs were not big enough after takingthe clomid my eggs grew in size I would speak with your Dr. to see if that could be was happing to you.
FeliciaDG responded:
I just wanted to give a quick reply for you. I was on Metformin at 1000mgs for a couple of years and did Clomid cyles and several other infertility treatments with no response. I was told IVF was my only hope. I took a two month break to gear up for the dreaded IVF cycle and while on that break, increased my Metformin to 2000mgs. While on break, I got a UTI and went to the ER for it where they had to run a pregnancy test before giving me IV antibiotics, despite my protests since I had been battling infertility for 10 years and hadn't even had a period in 3 months! To my surprise, I was pregnant. Apparently I ovulated without ever having a period after only 2 months on the right dosage of Metformin. Apparently, none of the fertility treatments in the world would have helped me had I not been on the right dosage of Metformin. Luckily I found out so quickly because I needed to have progesterone suppositories to maintain my pregnancy and would have miscarried had I not started them right away. (BTW, I was told by one infertility doctor that I was ovulating on Clomid and I wasn't. Went to another doctor that did the Clomid with monitoring and it showed I wasn't ovulating at all. The Clomid was however creating "hostile" conditions for conception since it was thinning out my endometrium to much for anything to attach! Even if I had been ovulating, she would have still had me on Clomid at first to produce a "strong" ovulation, whatever that is. So yeah, Clomid doesn't work for everyone and sometimes Metformin is all you need.)

Good luck!
bee2009 responded:
I was diagnosed recently, and was put on Metformin which is working. I'm not trying to get pregnant, but my MD said that there is a high incidence of non-intentional pregnancy in women with PCOS on Metformin.... Good luck!
Jen__ responded:
Has your husband been tested to make sure there aren't problems from his end? If not, I know you can get over-the-counter tests. I bought one for my husband the other day, but we haven't used it yet.
kameronsmommy08 responded:
yes i was diagnosed with PCOS in 07 and the doc put me on metformin at the beginning of August. I found out I was pregnant the beginning of September of the same year. So it works. I guess it depends on how severe the PCOS is.
Wickedlhee responded:
It makes me sooooooo happy to read about women who have gotten BFP on metformin alone. It really gives me hope. I haven't worked up to the full 2000mg yet, but I did have a pretty "heavy" cycle this month and I'm hoping now it will work.

We are TTC with metformin alone, and we will continue that way for a year. If we don't then we will bump it up with clomid as well. I don't want to go beyond injectable fertility meds. I don't want a litter, and we can't afford IVF. But I dream of having a child of my own!

If anyone else out there has any Metformin success stories that would be great! I love hearing the good news!

But speaking of metformin as anyone gotten decrease facial hair on metformin? My Dr. wanted to put me on a blood pressure medication that would help reduce it, but it has side effects on pregnancy and we don't want to run that risk!
eliz1497 responded:
I would not lose hope! I was diagnosed with PCOS in February of this year. My Dr. told me that there were absolutely no signs of ovulation, even though I had my period irregularly, so she put me on 500mg of Metformin in March, and on April 17th I found out I was pregnant. It was totally unplanned and unexpected, and based on my situation I have to credit it to the Metformin alone.
kira811 responded:
Hello- It is so nice to hear the success stories-gives me HOPE! I started metf. middle of May and progest. to start a cycle which was a success however no period since the end of may a lots of BFN's Did not know if anyone else took a while to get reg. (how long?) on the metf. alone. I am waiting to see what my next step is hopefully it will be the ONE that works-as you all know it is frustrating and depressing to keep see BFN

Me(25) DH (28) TTC 1 1/2 yrs metf 1000/day
alliekat893 responded:
These success stories are really giving me hope as well. I was just diagnosed with PCOS two days ago and I have had a really hard time handling it emotionally since my husband and I have been trying to concieve since I went off birth control 8 months ago. I started taking 500mg of metformin yesterday, ramping up to 1000 in 3 weeks and 1500 3 weeks after that. With these success stories of women that got pregnant just a month after starting the metformin, it really shines a little ray of hope in my heart.

I've been sad and scared and more than a little mad. After all, I'll be turning 30 soon, and it wasn't until this new doctor that diagnosed me that anyone figured out that I had PCOS. Instead, it seems like it was easier for them to just blame everything wrong with me on my weight and not believing me when I said I couldn't loose weight.
ozzie20011 responded:
Wow..... My wife was diagnosed with PCOS ten years ago and both of us really just lost hope on having a child. After reading this it really just brings hope back in the picture.. I really do want a child and I hope its not too late for us.. Wife is 27 and I am 26 and hasnt been a day that we stopped trying but without meds.. Im going to try and keep my wife hopes up and keep her going to just one dr instead of jumping around because then the same tests are run and she just loses hope. Right now she doesnt not take any meds. At one point they did get her on metformin and birth control pills. She said this medication made her sick so she just stopped taking it.. How come I dont hear of anyone talking about birth control pills? Seems that is all our doctors put my wife on when she goes in to get her periods regular.. Soooo should be refuse to take the birth control pills? I do want a child asap... Been ready and have even gone to consulations for the IVF because we thought that we could not have a baby on our own...
rosecarol1 replied to ozzie20011's response:
I was put on metformin 1000 mg 2x a day and a low dose of birth control pills. I am to take the birth control pills for 2 months. The dr is checking to see if that 3rd month I have a period on my on. I have been put on the pill in the past because a previous doctor was hoping my body would get used to the months of me having a period and it might would regulate me. Does insurance pay for IVF? Metformin affected my stomache a little at first but I am in my 30s and I will continue to take it because I want a baby.
sunshine10285 replied to ozzie20011's response:
I also am on birth control pills. I am at complete with my 2nd pack and have 2 more to go. The doctor wants it to regulate my period and hopefully carry over after I stop it. Then I will go on clomid to boost ovulation as soon as the birth control pills are over. So no ozzie your wife is not the only one.

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